SPRINTER'S EDGE provides a unique, integrated approach to developing sprint cyclists. We believe that to become your best, careful attention needs to be paid to all elements of preparation. Proper training, nutrition, restorative methods, race tactics, and a balanced lifestyle must be in place to ensure top performance.

To succeed as a sprinter, your training must be highly specialized and focused on improving the qualities necessary to produce the power and speed required for a world-class performance. Despite good intentions to help cyclists strengthen their capabilities, many young sprinters are "un-made" by poor choices in training and methodology. We will ensure you make the right choices by selecting methods that develop you as a sprint athlete and by avoiding those techniques that not only waste time but may also cause shifts in physiology which could restrain cyclists from reaching their full potential.

Riders are constantly being challenged to break personal bests. Sprinter's Edge strives to create a positive, goal-oriented system and approach for the preparation of sprint cyclists. By helping cyclists to consistently break PRs, Sprinter's Edge enables riders to achieve more confidence in their ability as well as more interest and enthusiasm for training.

If your goal is to become a top international sprint competitor or just develop a winning sprint on the Sunday group ride, let Sprinter's Edge provide you with the tools to be your best.


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